"And I realized I did want a drink, after all." (circuit_four) wrote in fluorocrash,
"And I realized I did want a drink, after all."

Posting Rules

This is the community for a play-by-LJ campaign of the homebrew roleplaying game "Fluorocrash."

If you are a player: For now, please make your moves by commenting on an existing game post rather than starting a new post. Posting style is pretty freeform, but in case you're stuck, you can always get away with writing 2-4 paragraphs narrating what your character's doing. Just stick to the three canonical rules of message-board roleplaying:

1. Don't put words in the mouth of a PC or major NPC
(Rule of Thumb: It's okay to make up minor NPCs and write on their behalf if they're not likely to have a lasting impact. You can say there's a servant opening the door. You can suggest they have a gun. It's my decision whether they ever do anything with that gun.)

2. Don't write the result of an action that might fail; let the GM resolve it
(Example: Don't write "I zap Jessamyn with the Frap Ray and she disintegrates." Write "I level the Frap Ray at Jessamyn and pull the trigger.")

3. Use your common sense, and ask first if you're not sure. But the GM's decision is final.

Don't forget LJ's new tracking feature: you might want to turn on notifications for new comments to old posts in this community. (To do this, click the pushpin icon under the header of any post here, and from the next screen select "Notify Me By E-Mail" and "When someone posts a new entry to fluorocrash. This is totally optional.)

If you are a spectator: You're absolutely welcome to join the community. Membership is moderated, just to be on the safe side, but I won't turn down anybody I know. For now, please limit comments about the game to this post. The comments to this post are a free-for-all... except please don't post any spoilers!

Eventually, I hope to set up some guidelines that will let spectators post to threads as one-shot NPC, or sort of a "Greek chorus," so they can kibitz with the PCs in the context of the gameworld. Watch this community for annoucements.
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